"Threats. Resilience. Society" joint NATO and AIR conference
This high level international conference is the fourth event co-organized by the Aspen Institute Romania in collaboration with NATO on topics of allied security. The conference takes place in a complicated and evolving regional security context.

The joint purpose of the Aspen Institute Romania and NATO's Public Diplomacy Division is to address Romania's relevance in the region and its role as a contributor in a deepened dialogue on a set of complex issues. These include the evolving nature and scale of security and defense challenges faced by the North Atlantic Alliance, as well as the shifting security environment and threats covered by Article V. Key among those would be: the level of societal resilience in front of multiple asymmetrical threats; cyber defense; the ramifications of the Tailored Posture Presence (TFP); and the flank countries perspective on the developments on EU defense after Brexit.
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