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46. James Bond + Hasselblad SWC


atelier ying, nyc.


I'm so surprised that since 1963 there hasn't been a James Bond Attaché camera. Well, here it is.


The year is 1964, many months after the release of the now legendary film, "From Russia with Love". Now James Bond embarks on a different mission, a leisurely peaceful one as a street photographer, albeit surreptitiously and shooting long from a distance (in the tradition of the AR-7 sniper rifle no less) as 007 agents can never fully relinquish their secretive nature. Therefore, the attaché now holds two magnum sized bottles of 1964 Taittinger champagne that actually conceal a digitized Hasselblad SWC kit.


The Hasselblad SWC is a legendary camera more suited for portability than it's cousins. The view finder, wide-angle lens and scale focusing, make it wonderful for architectural shots. However the 38mm Biogon lens can now can shoot like a Leica 85mm Summarex portrait lens, with the help of a little bit of digitization. Like the Speed Graphic, the housing of the hasselblad may need a slight modification in order to bring the Micro 4/3 sensor to the film plane, though the goal of my digitizations aren't razor sharp photos. I'm sure Q-branch has a dremel tool somewhere (all kidding aside, a trusty diopter and an optical bench will suffice to make the installment). Although not shown, a short monopod in three sections is also included.


Two further accoutrements of luxury that are part of this camera design are:

1. a soda fountain syrup-styled pump on the left side of the camera that dispenses a rare Kina Lillet for making Bond's "true" drink from his novels, a Vesper Martini. Note that the right side is the shutter release. Both buttons are identical, a more peaceful substitute to the exploding talcum powder canister feature as in the movie.

2. on the side of the briefcase is concealed a humidor with four Cuban Montecristo No. 2 cigars (a homage to my favorite Bond actor & now UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Roger Moore although he didn't star in this film) releases with a flick of a lever.


There are no weapons in this attache briefcase camera design.


This design drawing is copyright 2013, by David Lo

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Taken on April 2, 2013