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Atelier Ying at the McNally Bookshop, Prince St., Nyc.


It's back to camera design world, after a few sessions of b&w shooting.

My watercolor sketch for a digital camera obscura, with the mobile phone

camera filter "lens" that I got in a gachapon in hong kong (for 10 HK dollars). You've all seen this idea before in a chamomile tea box setup, but this looks more apropo, and is more durable.

Matching red leather strap and maybe some postage stamp designs I am seeing in my head...:)

The tilt-up viewing hood is not cosmetic, a digital camera is mounted inside on its back so that the user sees the screen, and a 60-degree Bauernfeind prism carry the image via the main lens in the front. There is a hidden bellows visible at the bottom of the camera.


the red clip on the right is my original index card star trek "communicator" notebook,

I will have to upload a photo of that sometime soon.

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Taken on March 10, 2012