Cinio Gwyl Ddewi 01:03:13
Cafodd y plant cinio Gwyl Dewi i ddathlu dydd Gwyl Dewi dydd gwener, cafodd cig oen, tatws di rhostio, ceninen mewn saws caws ac greifi. I bwdin cafodd bisged siap cenin gyda jam a banana. Mwynhodd y plant yn fawr iawn, diolch i Mrs Owen y cogyddes am ei waith caled.

To celebrate St David’s day Mrs Owen the cook cooked the children a lovely St David’s day dinner, they had lamb, roast potatoes, leeks in cheese sauce with gravy. For pudding she made daffodil biscuits with jam and a banana on top. The children really enjoyed the dinner! A big thank you to Mrs Owen.
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