Stills from: Music by Cavelight DVD album
Screengrabs of each track from "Music by Cavelight" Blockhead's first mighty album.(ninjatune)

The visuals for the dvd-album where mainly mixed and recorded live in the studio, with some post editing to tighten them up.
Approached in a loose free style manner. Reacting to the musical mood, nuances and rhythms in a way that someone might when they close their eyes and make up visuals in their minds eye.
Using various sources, from sampled archive films, animated graphical objects and filmed footage.
The phasing diptych visuals enhance the sensory experience by creating stereo A/V, moving your Eye's and Ears closer together.

DVD album is bundled with Blockhead's new album "Downtown Science" available @

See some video clips from this album at

and more video clips here [higher resolution]
Winner of the Blockhead Film Competition.
Visuals by: Morris La Mantia aka lucidhouse
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