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Fowl-Weather Friends

While I have more from the horse close-up serie, I don't feel like posting them. Perhaps another time I'll feel differently. For now, I am juggling with satisfaction and hesitation. To date, I have taken over ten thousand photos with my 5DM2 alone, with several hundreds from the X1. Most of them are keepers. Photos I have taken range from just about every subject, from portrait to landscape, from product to architecture, from travel to lifestyle. However, most of these you will likely not see...and frankly, I am not sure what will become of them.


In the past few weeks having completed most of my deadlines, I have been occupied with learning landscape photography. It is amazing how much one could learn from this subject alone. I did not know that capturing a simple sunset would require so much more, especially in the way of expensive gear such as a sturdy tripod, polarizer, and filters.

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Taken on June 10, 2012