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When I look at the map, it is clear that there most of the photos are heavily centered on the river, showing that the river is integral to the environment. Since the river is a steady water and nutrient source for the organisms in this park, it is no surprise that the river plays a key role on the environment. The concentration also got thicker further into the park, similar to fragmentation effects on rainforests; the very edges of the park had a different structure than areas closer to the park’s center. Fragmentation opens up the edges of the forest to more sun and wind which change the forest’s structure and the community that lives there, but it is interesting to see its appear so quickly, and not just within the very center of the forest itself. This is biologically significant, because the edges of the park are also surrounded by farmland and a city, so the edge effects are magnified, drastically changing which organisms can live on the fringes of the park.

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Taken on June 25, 2011