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If you guys know me, you know I don't know how to make intros lol.

Guess who's back...back again...oh well, it's not a big deal, but HI OMG.

I've been gone for a few months now, and so many things have happened

while I've been away. I'll show you through pictures so just be patient :)

I've missed every single one of you and your pictures. We need to catch up!

I call this photo, "A New Beginning". Yep, cliche, but just right. :')


I can only add a certain number of people as contacts at a time,

but I'll get to that. In the meantime, please add me!



  • Jessica Bramlett 4y

    Awww I am excited. We weren't really close as contacts but I loved your stream before so much. (: I can't wait to get to know you better and see new photos! (: *excite excite*
  • Evie Whelan 4y

    yay! I'm so happy your back amber! i missed all your amazing photos :) good luck with a fresh start!
  • Viyan Ateaa 4y

    welcome back :)
  • aishia 4y

    HI lol i didn't no you made a new one
    im excited
    start uploading asap!
    Im ready for your awesomeness
    ok ok
    ok ok alright
    im done
    but really come on
  • Choeun 4y

    Nice to see you again. I'll look forward to a great picture. Please stay healthy. Buy a beautiful time and money.
  • Rebecca Bosley 4y

    what a gorgeous overlay
  • priscila♥elise 4y

    wow this is gorgeous. thankyou so much for the tag!!♥
  • those dancing days. 4y

    thanks for the tag girl :)
    i love this overlay.
  • allison ☼ 4y

    This is lovely, I cannot wait for your future uploads. :) :)
  • Devi Penny 4y

    AMBERRR!! :D
    loving this overlay extremely much
    and i'm so happy you're back on flickr :'3
  • amber ☺ 4y

    I missed all of you so, so much! :') I'm happy to be
    back, and I'm even happier that you guy'sve missed me
    and/or my photos! I'm not leaving this time, and I can't
    wait to see what you guys have concocted in your minds
    and brought to life in your photos. And hello to those
    that've just come across my stream :) Hope you like what
    I've got to offer :-)
  • katie.leighton 4y

    This is so good I love this :)
  • lexi storms. ϟ 4y

    Ahhh. Beautiful.
  • ῶєḑάd 9'єғααιιн 4y

    amazing picture!
    the tones are just beautiful as well
  • Su Vien 4y

    Oh wow this is so soso so sososo incredible! <333 Beautiful! I love it :)
  • Karen 4y

    I love this so much <3
  • a l e x a ♡ 4y

    hahah omg amber i have missed , like we didnt know a thing about u!
    but im glad you are back
    im looking forward to all those photos!
    and this is so so beautiful:) i really like your work!!!
    thanks for the tag sweetie!
  • redaleka 4y

    amazing! love it :)
  • winter hearts 4y

    eoprudklajfdjkf~! you're back! i missed you tons :)
  • Carmen Gea 4y

    fantástico trabajo!
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