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Rock Art - Deer Medicine Rocks, Montana 01

The Deer Medicine Rocks petroglyph site is located in south central Montana, on a private ranch. Sioux and Cheyenne Indians state that this is where Sitting Bull pledged 100 pieces of his own flesh during the 1876 Sun Dance, about three weeks before the famous Battle of the Little Bighorn. In his trance, Sitting Bull saw soldiers falling from the sky like grasshoppers. This was a prophecy of the defeat of the 7th Cavalry under George Armstrong Custer. Custer's men crossed by this site on their way to the Little Bighorn.


The site is also called by the Sioux, "Light In The Rock," because of a lightning strike which left its mark, travelling down the face of the rock and blowing out a chunk of rock just below the deer at the left of this photo. Thus the name, "Deer Medicine Rock." The figure to the right probably represents a medicine man. Notice the large bird headdress he wears. Also notice the faint arm and hand reaching upward to touch the deer's head, just to the left of the medicine man..

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Uploaded on October 17, 2005