Dolichovespula sylvestris (Tree Wasp)
A widespread and locally common long-cheeked wasp found in a variety of habitats. It is one of the neatest and brightest-looking social wasps, with the yellow abdominal bands relatively straight and of similar width to the black bands, and without the large spots or irregular margins present on some other species. The rear of the thorax has two large yellow spots and the face is yellow usually with just a single small central spot.

Nests are constructed in a variety of places, sometimes suspended from twigs in trees and bushes, but also in a variety of cavities from ground level upwards. Males are usually found on the flowers of umbellifers, thistles and brambles. Workers and males avidly visit flowering figworts when available - indeed the wasps seem to be important pollinators and fit the flowers perfectly. They are also important pollinators of Epipactis orchids such as Broad-leaved and Violet Helleborines.

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