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    Wall of spam outside of the the Cannon Theatre during the first day of ticket sales for SPAMalot.

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    1. Christine Ziemba 71 months ago | reply

      This is an awesome photo, we featured it on today:

      Thank you!

    2. MikeSchinkel 69 months ago | reply

      Another creative use of your image; Thanks!

    3. aswedishfish 65 months ago | reply

      perfect photo for a presentation i have on monday, thanks for letting me use it, the link will be referenced :)

    4. Andrew 94 61 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the CC license! I used it on my blog. Also, I used the flickr embed code to link back to your picture, I hope this is ok.

    5. Free Pest Control 57 months ago | reply

      thats alot of spam

    6. alxflickrrr 54 months ago | reply

      Interesting picture! Thanks for sharing!

    7. andy bryant 47 months ago | reply

      Hi there. I'm another blogger licencee using creative commons. I've linked the photo back here, and added an attribution at the bottom of the post. Thanks for supporting creative commons.

    8. mmgoodsoup 43 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the CC. I'm using this in a presentation on email SPAM; I will give a link.

    9. Richi Jennings 43 months ago | reply

      Super. Hurrah for forward-thinking individuals like you. A cropped version at Computerworld. Thanks!

    10. janbear 43 months ago | reply

      Brilliant. Thanks for providing a much-needed illustration for us bloggers. I've used it as well -- Thanks for sharing it through Creative Commons.

    11. jamesakadamingo 41 months ago | reply

      As with all the above, thanks for the CC. Im using it on a post here



    12. sarbathory 40 months ago | reply

      I add myself to this wonderful list! I've used this image on my blog citing you as source:

    13. bluelectric 37 months ago | reply

      Thank you for putting this under a CC License. I also took the liberty of using it in my blog - of course with the required backlink, attribution and Cc reference.

    14. Traumattic 34 months ago | reply

      I used this on a post here, thanks!

    15. mr.badexample [deleted] 34 months ago | reply

      Thank you for putting this under CC license. I've used it and cited you with a linkback.

    16. vaurora 33 months ago | reply

      Thanks for making this CC! We're using it as an occasional icon for our "linkspam" post category.

    17. Stuart Montgomery's Lothian Buses 33 months ago | reply

      I've always adored spam and it's great for parties. We used to get it every day at school and I love it with salad cream and creamy mashed potatoes. A fave food deffo! Your photo makes me hungry!

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