Bizarre Helveticosaurus

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    Helveticosaurus is a Triassic marine reptile from Switzerland. Long assumed to be a basal placodont, it isn't, nor does it seem to be a sauropterygian. Its short, boxy head, and long pointed teeth make us wonder what it did for a living, and while its long tail indicates that it swam via axial undulation, its robust pectoral girdle and arm and long fingers suggest that it used its forelimb in some sort of underwater flight.

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    1. Bundesinnenmysterium 38 months ago | reply

      Hi Darren, I recently rewrote the German Wikipedia' article on Helveticosaurus. (see here). I am still making some minor corrections to it and I hope that I will soon be able to incorporate all the existing information into the article. Fortunately, someone made a photo of the holotype in Zurich but of course the average reader cannot identify much of it. So I wanted to ask you whether you would like to change the license of your picture from "All rights reserved" to a creative commons share alike license, so that I could use it on Wikipedia. If yes, I would appreciate this very much, but I could also understand if you did not want to.

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