3TrinsRGB+1c Assembling instructions 2016

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    Assembling instructions for 3trinsRGB+1c kit sold in the year 2016 (not for kits sold earlier then 2016).

    Watch this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqKOfuUpSV8

    parts list (all other parts have there values marked on the PCB):

    C8 222
    C1 104

    R42 15k
    R41 1k
    R43 1k

    T1 2n3904
    T2 2n3904

    D1 = 4148
    D8 = BAT42
    D2 = 3v3
    D9 = 3v3

    All LED's are short leg into round hole.

    The pots can feel sticky from grease, you can whipe the casing of with a dry cloth of you want. only the outside casing is greasy not the legs.

    the 10k pot has a flap that need to be cut off, the 20k pots do not have this flap.

    After you have fully assembled the device, use a multimeter in the beep setting to check if there are no short circuits, and if the bottom panel is connected to ground.
    The ground is connected with a wire from the chassis pin to the top panel, and goes via the top panels bolts to the bottom panel.


    1. fnord prefect 30 months ago | reply

      Judging from assembled board image, R105 is the 22R, correct?

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