smiling but we're close to tears [50/52]

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sooc except for slight crop. (oh and excuse my major sunburn)

right now i feel like i'm having a huge inner conflict - so here's the photo to show it. my head and heart are saying two different things, although i don't know which is saying which. i can't tell a soul, and those who know can see why. i'm stuck, im trapped. happy where i am..but possibly not as happy as i could be. its not fair on either parties - i can't tell the two people who should, and do, mean the most to me what is going on. because they're the two im breaking down over.

i got on the bus tonight after school and just broke down. i just cried.

please listen to this and this.


HOWEVER! i have been tagged by my beautiful flickr friend Bea..

Ten Facts About Me
#1 im having a huge inner conflict with myself right now.
#2 my camera Neville (lumix G3) is one of the most important things in my life, closely followed by my collection of film cameras.
#3 i don't waste my time being nice to people who i dont like: it drains you.
#4 i can be incredibly pessimistic.
#5 i live my life by quotes and lyrics.
#6 music is the soundtrack to my life - i love how it can make us remember something happy or sad, make us cry or laugh, and bring back the best of memories.
#7 i'm so glad i have flickr which i use as my diary to the world.
#8 i hate cheese except on pizza.
#9 i'm saving up for a new lens for Neville but i don't know which one to get.
#10 i wish i could break the mould teenagers are stuck in.

Bucket list: (some completed)
#finish a 365 project
#finish a 52 week project
#make a film, preferably one which is in black and white, silent, and made to look very old.
#make a career in photography
#complete my GCSE photography project without using a digital camera
#make my photography teacher proud (and like me again)
#live in spain for a year
#travel the world and meet my amazing flickr friends who make my life complete

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  1. Gian (aka UnBuZzEr) 34 months ago | reply

    Visto in Foto dell'anima
    Foto dell'anima

  2. Scott Mitchell Photography 34 months ago | reply

    really nice photos love lighting
    Score _8_/10 from the 10 to 1 - Post one, score AND COMMENT on 10 Group

  3. Gab.Palma On-Off 34 months ago | reply

    7/10 very intense look. good light and colors!

  4. epicalis 34 months ago | reply

    love the lighting!

  5. Its Only 365 Days 34 months ago | reply

    I like how the face is split by the shadows and the light and that one can clearly read the emotion on the lit side of the face. If the goal is to be in half shadow, move the light source so that one doesn't see that bit of hair or sweater on camera right. It seems the light source was a bit too low. Score _7_/10 from the 10 to 1 - Post one, score AND COMMENT on 10 Group

  6. JAAnton 34 months ago | reply

    Nice portrait, fantastic light.
    Score 8/10 from the 10 to 1 - Post one, score AND COMMENT on 10 Group

  7. Bas Tadema 34 months ago | reply

    Great portrait! Great light.

  8. Lucy in London 34 months ago | reply

    Good lighting, but the bottom bit (her neck in light etc) is distracting. I think it would be better with a tigher crop round her face

    Score 7/10 from the 10 to 1 - Post one, score AND COMMENT on 10 Group

  9. times_like_these 34 months ago | reply

    OMG, perfect lighting! =)

  10. alliexxx 34 months ago | reply

    this is very beautiful! you have really pretty eyes. && you're photography impresses me all the time. you just keep growing && growing. && that's what all good photographs do.(: keep up the great work! && can't wait to see more!(: thanks for the tag! xxx

  11. gloriabcastro 34 months ago | reply

    Well done! Very mysterious and does impart a sence of conflict and tension. Score 8/10

  12. Alex France photos 34 months ago | reply

    Score 8/10 from the 10 to 1 - Post one, score AND COMMENT on 10 Group
    Does well imparting a sense of emotion but agree that the neck/jumper is a bit distracting & a bit distorted by the wide focal length.

  13. CbalPhotos 34 months ago | reply

    Amazing shot!

  14. tickl3_my_funny_bon3 [deleted] 34 months ago | reply

    Absolutely beautiful!

  15. prdsra10 33 months ago | reply

    Congratulations, I saw this wonderful photo in
    "as beautiful as you want" group

  16. M. Amable 32 months ago | reply

    Magnificent pose, the colors and light are breathtaking:))

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