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🍦⛱ ~To the Seaside | by Anne J ~ poetic photography
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🍦⛱ ~To the Seaside

to the seaside

to the seaside

to the change and peace of mind

to the easy

lazy holiday

the leave-it-all-behind


to the seaside

to the sunshine

to the body-littered sands

to the deckchairs

and the funfairs

and the burst-your-ears brass bands


to the ice-cream

to the wasp-stings

to the sand-in-every-meal

to the castles

and the donkeys

and the plates of jellied eel


to the bosoms

and the bottoms

to the bodies-in-the-raw

to the he-men

and the paunches

to the what-the-butler-saw


(to the catch-my-eye

the hold-me-tight

the kiss-me-in-the-park

to the will-you


to the bathing-in-the-dark)


to the landladies

and gloomy rooms

and out-of-here-by-ten

to the drizzle

and the boredom

and the going-round-the-bend


to the blisters

and the crying kids

the peeling aching backs

to the god-i-wish-




to the getting-on

the train again

the joy of going home

to the roses

in the garden

and the being-left-alone


to the no-food-


and the not-an-open-shop

to the ashes

in the fireplace

and the week-old washing up


~Rg Gregory


⛱🍦😎 Back now from the seaside :-). I’ve been to my regular UK holiday spot ...Dawlish Warren, South Devon.

These colourful beach huts are on the promenade... and captured by me, a few days ago. The sun was setting at the time. Mid heatwave, it was too hot really to concentrate what I was photographing... but I’m hoping the colours convey the happiness felt, when I made that click 😊☀️


⚽️ Have you been watching the World Cup on tv ?? I’ve missed one or two matches, being away... but happily watched England play Croatia, in the semi final. We lost.... but I remain so proud of my country. Well done to both teams............. your heart was played out, that was plain to see 💖


💛🌻 looking forward to catching up with you soon, dear friends... hopefully I’ll have reached you all, within the next week xo

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Taken on July 9, 2018