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  • ...little lantern, welcoming me in
    to the door below :-)
    ☺☺☺ - crush777roxx
  • Love this small door and how it
    can be seen through the picket
    ☺ - crush777roxx
  • Soft, pretty, white, fluffy clouds!
    ☺ - crush777roxx
  • Paint brushed blue sky!
    ☺ - crush777roxx
  • Pretty little red building squeezed
    in there!
    ☺ - crush777roxx
  • The water!
    ☺ - crush777roxx
  • Love these pebble patterns!
    ☺ - crush777roxx
  • Beautiful color between the rails!
    ☺ - crush777roxx
  • How did you get your car in
    there buddy?!?
    ☺ - crush777roxx
  • Green grasses of warmer weather!
    ☺ - crush777roxx
  • ♪ Take Me To The Top! ♫
    ☺ - crush777roxx
  • Fluff, fluff, fluff!
    ☺ - crush777roxx
  • Let's sit on this balcony, look over
    the water... and have
    a hot cup of tea!
    ☺ - crush777roxx
  • Of course I'm gonna climb down
    this wall... it's what I do!
    ☺☺☺ - crush777roxx
  • Our beautiful, colourful ᗩnne!
    ☺☺☺ - crush777roxx
  • If I were a raindrop...
    ☺ - crush777roxx
  • That's me! Open window!
    Letting in the air :-)
    ☺ - crush777roxx
  • Oohh...I see you. I'm waving!! xx - Photo_stream_this
  • Over there > be the ocean! Yes? - •tlc•photography•
  • LOL ...I wouldn't recommend it
    ... its one hell of a drop 😅😅😅
  • there`s a cul de sac here Crush
  • borrowed paint
    from Swan (fence) ☺☺☺
  • LOL Carl ☺☺☺
  • yep...
    the ocean Tom and Crush ☺
  • This is CRUSH`s picture
  • Going on tour together? ;-)) - 5igrid [off]
  • Advice taken dear friend!
    How about passing me a rope then... cause I am going down that
    wall (one way or another!) :-D
    ☺ - crush777roxx
  • You're so smart!
    Why didn't I think to borrow from
    the Painting Swan...
    See, that's why you're the golden one Anne!
    ☺ - crush777roxx
  • Beautiful color rendering! :) - giotòn off for a while

What a Thrill it is to Travel

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What a thrill it is to travel
Perhaps in a different country
The cultures incredibly diverse
So many wonderful things to see

The clothes can be so different
Unique in their treasured styles
An entirely distinctive kind of people
With their friendly happy smiles

And the food can be quite challenging
Different tastes and how they eat
But, hey, I’m ready to try it
Doesn’t have to be potatoes and meat

Different ways and thoughts of worship
It is such an international treat
To see the different cultures
And all the interesting folks you meet

So if you get a chance, folks
Get on a plane or cruising ship
Take yourself to another country
Have a great and wonderful trip!

~Marilyn Lott

💛 Well this isn’t another country... it is my country, England. Taken last September, on the coastal railway line path, Dawlish Warren, Devon UK.

And yes, I sure love to travel..... even if invariably, I reach my destination, and cry “ok, that’s it, I’ve had enough... I want to go home now 😅 ...I’ve been known to start packing, that very same night 😂😂😂

I’m not very adventurous when it comes to trying out different foods, especially in a foreign country. However, I like looking around, in a restaurant.. and seeing what others have ordered.
Not just food either... I love clothes/fashion, so I check out what they’re wearing. Listening in to conversations... oh, yes sir... there are some eye openers 😅 love to do that.

More than anything though, it’s the exhilarating feeling of being alive you get when being away... like a toddler let off the reigns :-) or a bird, taking off on his first flight :-). Stepping out of my comfort zone...... finding out more things, and being reminded of what I already know. Being curious... being silly... being wild and carefree.

Sigh...... is it Summer yet 😊😀😅😎☀️💛

🌻 dedicated to dear friend Crush.

P.s. i’ll leave off posting now, in order to make sure I’ve caught up with all your pictures :-) especially those of you who have faved, commented and left notes -on this and my other recent photos. Thank you all, so much xxx

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  1. Carolita✿ 8 months ago | reply


  2. Please follow my work. 7 months ago | reply

    Beautiful photo, I have always loved seeing the line at Dawlish running parallel with the beach.

  3. Chisin 7 months ago | reply

    The railroad tracks leads the viewer to explore the beautiful houses. Excellent composition.

  4. kirstiecat 7 months ago | reply

    I agree! Very cinematic sense of the tracks and the architecture! I like your handle btw.

  5. feleco (analog ph.) 6 months ago | reply

    Excelente luz!!!!

  6. Steve Taylor (Photography) 5 months ago | reply

    This is such a great view

  7. Ishva014 4 months ago | reply

    Beautifully captured and composed, Anne.

  8. Holland375 4 months ago | reply

    Lovely stretch of railway, we travel it quite regularly and is always a joy to look at the views as we pass.

  9. ♥ leona ♥ 4 months ago | reply

    Great capture!!! :)

  10. urika2md 2 months ago | reply

    Fabulous capture, Anne. Great leading lines. Excellent bio, too!

  11. Photolover03 2 months ago | reply

    Excellent perspective and very beautiful place, it is a great photo dear Anne💕 Have a lovely Saturday 💕😗

  12. pauluk1234 2 months ago | reply

    Lovely capture been there a few times

  13. storeknut 6 weeks ago | reply

    Lovely captured, the lines and the contrast of the rails to the houses, while the share the same curve. England, well Britain to be more correct, is my wife and mine prefered holiday destination too. It is not our country as it is yours, but maybe our second home?

  14. Anne J ~ poetic photography 6 weeks ago | reply

    Knut P. Bøyum
    If you love Britain as you say, then you are qualified to call it “your country” 😊 it is our honour !!

  15. storeknut 6 weeks ago | reply

    Anne J ~ poetic photography ¨Thank you, both my wife and I do. I didn't go outside of Norway before I was 31, but we have been to Britain at least once every second year since then. I am afraid I haven't been much down south, one night in Beer, a couple of nights in Cotswold and the ever as sad last night outside Gatwick is it. We like to walk, so it has been much in North Wales, Lake District, the Dales and Scotland.

    I think I have been to Britain 11 times, any other country amounts to 4, once to Poland, once in Czech and Austria, and three times to Sweeden. Well, that makes it 5 times to other countries, but still :-)

  16. Brian Wayfarer 4 weeks ago | reply

    Una magnífica imagen en un encuadre perfecto, Anne.
    Bellísima fotografía obtenida de las vías del tren.
    Un cordial abrazo.

  17. Flaushi & Friends 2 weeks ago | reply

    Fabulous capture of this beautiful place with such a wonderful PoV, dearest Anne! The lovely homes seem to go on and on around the bend before finally disappearing into infinity 😊

  18. NevDev (Nev) 7 days ago | reply

    A well composed photograph Anne, as always your work is always informative....all the best for Christmas & 2019.

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