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goldpricemodel 2013 projection

gold price projection rolling forward the 52-week ROC (rate of change) sourced from hourly gold price data from

ROC calculation for this model in image

Silver: by projection of averaging 2.0x leverage in USD of silver vs gold & a lot of currencies tracking the same path long-term I'd estimate 2400/1750 squared x 34/oz silver = 63.94 / oz silver when gold hits 2400/oz USD as per the chart that being 2013 September


A guide to historical silver vs gold acceleration ratios: 10 years of gold & silver price data in scatterplot with trend-lines overlay


update: scatterplot image is not ready but I did analyze one & the ratio is 2.31. Meaning: this curve passes through the gold vs silver data with R-squared over 0.94,

(gold/1274)^2.31 x 17 = silver


(silver/17) ^ (1 / 2.31) x 1274 = gold price pattern detected 2012 Apr 17, sorry it took so long to get around to price-mapping it. Math is visible, you can do it yourself. Just find the slope of ROC change per day from high to low, low to high, then make another slope into the future stopping at +50% ROC 52-weeks. From this you roll forward each day (or hour on hourly chart) to get the center-line ROC for the day, then look 52-weeks back to get the PRICE for the future-date. Repeat for 2 lines, 1 high 1 low, with the first calculated ROC & price being the centerline. Very straightforward. The output produced in a spreadsheet, put into a chart, looks like this


Hooray for manipulation!

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Uploaded on November 24, 2012