2011 dec 27 gold 01

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    Detailed ROC analysis in flic.kr/p/b3iBrX
    Price predictions in flic.kr/p/b3iBtn
    2012 apr : see flic.kr/p/bNoznc
    2012 June to 2012 Dec 28 prediction: see flic.kr/p/cgMBw3

    And now almost a year after posting this picture this is also now acknowledge in the blog for KingWorldNews, 2012 November 16, KingWorldNews, Tom Fitzpatrick with Citi

    1. elpuerto93 31 months ago | reply

      I see what you're looking at. Gold IMO will make a new high or at least test $1900. I believe we will see a good entry to jump on the wagon or add to positions. The gold / silver ratio is oversold on the RSI. When the G / S ratio is over sold, it acts as as an inverse signal, meaning silver is out performing gold, When this happens metals tend to correct a little or go sideways, when metals go sideways they are in a serious bull market, as they are now, and can go considerably higher without pulling back.

    2. goldpricemodel 31 months ago | reply

      gold's oscillation is exponential vs time and silver's is exponential vs gold, or twice exponential vs time.
      So to determine g / s ratio actually requires f(t) / f(t squared)
      Are you sure you can apply RSI to such a thing?
      This is how I measure if silver is out-performing gold or not, in % terms:
      (short term) flic.kr/p/b3yn5r , (long term) flic.kr/p/b3wmPP

      So a 1.0 ratio slope for example is that gold's and silver's are the same
      a 2.0 ratio is that silver is squared of gold (power = 2.0) which is frequently normal in medium-term (year to year, month to month).

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