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day one sixty eight. it's swimsuit season...

...which could also be known to the ladies as "make yourself feel like crap for the way that you look" season.


i went shopping today and had a moment of "my ass looks fat". i'm generally pretty good about body issues (hashed that one out at an early age), but sometimes these ridiculous thoughts still creep into my brain somehow. i know it's completely unfounded, but i am human... so please don't go giving me hot lines to call. =)


i just wanna give some love to all the ladies out there.


it's not easy dealing with all the poison being tossed around regarding how you're "supposed to look". real beauty lies beneath size, shape, color, age, ethnicity, etc.

and i've never seen a woman with a good heart and a smiling face that wasn't beautiful.


*steps down from soapbox once again*


#1! - my goodness, thank you to those that have left sincere comments/faves.

on another note - i've just had to go through and block about 30(!) people and delete a TON of nasty comments. no respect. such a shame. kinda hurt my heart.


i have So many other photos that are WAY better than this. and wouldn't have attracted the same sort of attention at #1... thanks, explore.



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Taken on July 7, 2008