Farm Stand: 2017 LLBI Class project
The first project for the LLBI Class of 2017 was the implementation of the Farm Stand with the goal to increase basic access to healthy food options on the west side of Long Beach. On Friday, April 14th, residents and community members had the opportunity to learn more about healthy food options through food demonstrations given by professional chefs, received easy to learn and culturally sensitive recipes, and be able to “shop*” for healthy and fresh food in a location that is easily accessible for residents of Century Villages at Cabrillo and the surrounding neighborhoods.

The fresh fruit and vegetables will be donated from local farmers in Long Beach as well as purchased using funds from the project proposal. The Farm Stand kicked off at CVC’s Health Initiative Day on April 14th, from 11 AM – 2 PM. The project team will assist in supporting the stand for 6 months and will provide an implementation book for the stand continuation.
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