You Control the Action Bonsai Kit

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    Your Kit Includes 1 "Cascade" style ishitsuki bonsai, representing an ancient larch struggling for survival as it clings to a mountain precipice. You also get a river-rock pathway to Brick Zen, and a traditional stone lantern. For those of you who like bonsai, but always longed for more action, your kit comes complete with 3 Minifigs to represent your journey to Brick Zen according to your daily mood: Stealthy Ninja, Brave Samurai or the Wise Wanderer. Finally, your kit will arrive with enough additional leaf pieces in 2 designer colors (dark green and standard green) to change your ishitsuki bonsai to suit your discriminating taste. (Light green pictured here) Rounding out your You Control the Action Bonsai Kit, is a specialized tool to help you customize your bonsai.

    + The purchase of this product does not constitute a guarantee of acheiving Brick Zen, but it is guaranteed to start you on your journey.

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    1. Angka Utama 54 months ago | reply

      (^_^) By the way, nice one Keith.

    2. ta||tim 54 months ago | reply

      Thats bright green, not standard green

    3. Ben Unleashed! 54 months ago | reply

      Epic, I'm going to buy it :)

    4. Crimso Giger 54 months ago | reply

      Very nice, great job with the different shades of grey.

    5. pasukaru76 54 months ago | reply

      Bricks + Zen = win

    6. whateverly 54 months ago | reply

      I'm already at
      brick zen just looking at this,
      but then, you know me...

    7. ta||tim 54 months ago | reply

      I like both the concept and execution

    8. Shannon Ocean 54 months ago | reply

      Good gravy I must get in on this.

    9. Keith Goldman 54 months ago | reply

      Thanks everyone! I'm far to relaxed by my sheer proximity to the bonsai to comment any further.

    10. 54 months ago | reply


    11. Tommy Smith 54 months ago | reply

      Don, I wanted you to know that Keith's bonsai will have a safe home. Thank you Keith for taking the time to build this for such a great cause. I know that I will enjoy looking at it every day. And thank you Don and Nannan for all of the effort to make this all happen.

    12. Keith Goldman 54 months ago | reply

      Sold to Mr. Smith from California! Thanks for your generosity. I packed it today and should have it in the mail tomorrow.

    13. Zåch 53 months ago | reply

      if i had spotted this for sale earlier, i definitely would have bought it, best concept EVER

    14. _.Astro._ 53 months ago | reply

      Very nice! Great idea! The tree clinging to the rock looks amazing!

    15. Zab. 49 months ago | reply

      Is it possible that I could get one of these, or was this just for the Creations for Charity event?

    16. Keith Goldman 46 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the interest, but I just made the one for the Christmas drive. Sorry it took so long to respond.

    17. Topsy Creatori 18 months ago | reply

      I'm impressed! :)

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