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DA3 is cancelled. | by Keith Goldman
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DA3 is cancelled.

I'm sorry to report that DA3 is officially cancelled and no winner will be declared. I know I said I'd wait until Monday to make a decision but Sean Kenney suddenly made that decision very easy for me.


MOCpages has proven itself to be entirely unreliable, an easy victim for disruptive hackers and completely devoid of competent or caring leadership.


As many of you players know I was trying to get in touch with Sean to get some very basic answers about the site through a variety of means (his website, Facebook, email, etc) only to be ignored. Unlike MOCpages, Kenney does seem to care very much about his Twitter account (updating it daily), so I wrote him a couple of reasonable messages and he responded by blocking me.


If the shit-hole site ever comes back online (it's been down for 4 days and counting) I'll be deleting my account and moving on, and I encourage you guys to do the same. Please add any players to this photo that I may have missed.


Finally, I'd like to thank all of the staff and players of DA3, you guys made the game truly outstanding while it lasted. Even your sporadic and sometimes irritating complaints were evidence of how much you cared about the game and I salute you for hanging in there until the bitter end. I offer a sincere apology for ending the game prematurely, but I don't see a way to resolve the situation outside of MOCpages in a manner that is fair to all players, many of whom don't have access to Flickr. The bottom line is that I'm no longer willing to let the game continue to deteriorate while Kenney offers no information at all or hope that the situation will improve.


MOCpages is no longer a viable venue that is worthy of your support and active participation.


It is my intention to run DA4 here on Flickr at the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019. I'll be inviting all the current players who have accounts here.


Thanks again for the great MOCs (over 350!), the laughs and the bloodlust! Even though the game was snuffed out early, it burned very brightly.


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Uploaded on June 9, 2018