BPD Awareness Month 13

Day 13 of Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month.


The final symptom listed as one of the main indicators of BPD is "a pattern of unstable and intense interpersonal relationships characterized by alternating between extremes of idealization and devaluation" (Wikipedia). For a friend or significant other of someone with BPD, this is probably one of the hardest symptoms to accept, for obvious reasons. Much of the time, a person with BPD can have a very giving nature which people are drawn to. But eventually it's like something just shifts, and they feel a powerful urge to create conflict with or get away from those who know and love them best. And because their perception may be very distorted, much of this is subconscious. However, I strongly believe that people with BPD can learn to fight this urge. Learning they have BPD, and becoming familiar with BPD tendencies, is half the battle.


To find out more about BPD, see this page on my tumblr.


I'd still appreciate any suggestions for concepts to depict in the month's remaining artworks. Is there anything you really wish you could explain to people about BPD? Is there anything you really wish you could say to those who have it? FlickrMail me! :)

  • reinedelaseine14 PRO 4y

    I love what you're doing. Thank you.
  • Rebecca Coleman 4y

    reinedelaseine14 it means a lot to hear that, so thank YOU. :)
  • reinedelaseine14 PRO 4y

    I saw this on your Tumblr and thought I'd check your Flickr out. I use my Flickr mostly for doll related stuff (see my pics lol) but I have BPD as does one of my closest friends. Some of these symptoms are so hard to explain in "normal person speak" and unlike many of the stereotypes I hear, I'm not very artistic so drawing/sculpting etc my symptoms DOES NOT WORK lol. I did an intensive DBT program for eight months over a year ago and it made a HUGE difference...that and medications...and I can say that despite many physical health problems (genetic and autoimmune disease) I can say I have a LIFE WORTH LIVING.

    Now how many people are there that you know of who can say that???

    I wish you all the best! Keep up the great work!
  • Rebecca Coleman 4y

    reinedelaseine14 I am glad to hear that DBT was so helpful to you! I wish you the best as well, and thank you again for the encouraging words. :)
  • ripe mang0 4y

    Thank you so much for addressing BPD!
    Yes... It's like an email:
    My dearest friend,
    You have been so wonderful...
    I'm sorry but I know the decision is the best for us.
  • Rebecca Coleman 4y

    ripe mang0 it was my privilege. :)
  • Attariya ,,, 2y

    i saw ur some photos they r totely unique from others and beautiful
  • Rebecca Coleman 2y

    Attariya ,,, thank you!
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