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BPD Awareness Month 4

Day 4 of Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month.


In the description of yesterday's piece, I made reference to disassociation, another symptom of BPD. Disassociation could also be called detachment or numbness, and it happens when someone becomes so overcome with painful emotions they can't manage them. Sometimes it's conscious, but it's often unconscious and nearly involuntary. Because it results in the numbing of the mind and emotions, it can reduce the person's inhibitions, making it much easier for them to make choices they otherwise might not, such as abusing alcohol or drugs, or self-injuring or attempting suicide. To find out more about BPD, see this page on my tumblr:


the font is by Manfred Klein.


(I kinda want to print this one and use it as a coloring page...)

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Taken on May 4, 2011