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Minolta SR-1 | by Minolta Collector
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Minolta SR-1

Editions 5, 6 and 7


From left to right:


Edition 5, 1962 - The first edition of the new shaped body with the new square frame counter on the right side (on earlier models it was round with a black frame and located between the rewinding crank and the prism housing) and the smaller and more square meter shoe. Further is this the first body, which features the new aperture linking mechanism. It's the only change in the Minolta SR bayonet all time. The new leverage has a shorter travel, which causes the only incompatibility issue in the Minolta SR system. So the new cameras are not able to completely stop down the old "long travel" lenses. Characteristics are the "CHIYODA KOGAKU" engraving on the top cover and the serial number on the backside. Lowest serial number (seen in instruction manual) was 201111x, so I assume the numbering started with 2011001. My highest recorded serial is 2037454 and my lowest Edition 6 is 2038147, so this a narrow range. My estimation on the production number is about 27,500 units. I have never seen a black body of this edition.


Edition 6, 1962 - The official Name of the company was Chiyoda Kogaku Seiko K.K., but in 1962 the name was changed to Minolta Camera K.K. And so changed the engraving to "MINOLTA CAMERA CO., LTD." and the serial went back on the upper side of the top cover, right next to the frame counter.

My serial recordings go from 2038147 to about 2265000. The change to Edition 7 is not exactly determinable, since there's a large overlapping in the serials. I guess that there were quite a number of Edition 6 bodies "converted" to Edition 7 bodies by service. The 210xxxx block was reserved for black bodies, but here the serials are not continuous, too - I would estimate a number of about 5,000 produced black bodies. So the number of chrome bodies should be around 217,000 units.


Edition 7, 1964 - A more cosmetic update with new self timer and film advance levers. The rest of the camera seems to be pretty unchanged. I don't know about internal changes at this point, a deeper research on this is on my to-do list. Serials go up to 2430111, so we have an estimated production number of about 166,000 units in chrome finish and about 3,000 black bodies.


This is my actual state of research. Any additions and corrections are welcome!

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Taken on April 2, 2013