McCrady's/ Charleston, SC
Ms 9 and I had dinner here last weekend. We asked the chef to create a special tasting menu and he was happy to oblige. We gave him a few "likes" and dislikes and gave him free reign. He didn't disappoint.

Chef Sean Brock is an extremely talented young man.. very friendly and gracious.

We had Clint Sloan, Sommelier..pair each course to a different wine..He too, rose to the occassion.

This is a very "polished" restaurant with a terrific staff..GM had run the fine dining room at Boston's Parker Meridien when it was a top dining destination (now a Langham and not at the same level) but really the entire staff was terrific.

The food was of a very high quality, with some very unique preparations. My mental note taking tailed off towards the end of the meal but we thoroughly enjoyed everything.

While we did an elaborate multi course tasting (5 tables were doing a tasting), it would be very easy just ordering apps/entrees from the regular menu and walk away very satisfied.

McCrady's raises the bar on an already high bar for Charleston dining.
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