Operating at W0AIH
A short look at the W0AIH radio complex. I (K0CN) recently had a chance to operate some of the equipment at the W0AIH ham radio station during a CQWW ssb contest. The "Farm" as it is called, is a vision and creation of Paul Bittner, W0AIH..

According to Paul, he started climbing windmill towers in his teen years and continues to work at lofty heights to this day. Paul is a retired minister, but has used his special skills and experience with tower construction to collect and assemble the various towers and antennas that are now part of his rural Wisconsin farm.

Each operating position has a Yeasu FT1000 rig with a linear amplifier capable of 1500 watts. One rack of 6 amplifiers was built by Paul and there are also a number of Alpha's to be found. Logging is done with a network of computers and software. Every operator can see the progress of the other operators. It is a very impressive station to say the least.

You can see and read more at: www.qth.com/w0aih/
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