Charles H. McCaghy Collection of Exotic Dance from Burlesque to Clubs
We invite you to explore the collection and to contribute to its description. Many of the actresses pictured are unnamed, and we welcome comments, notes, and tags with names and other details.

Source: The Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute (TRI) of The Ohio State University. These and more photos are available via OSU's Knowledge Bank.

About the collection: This set consists of photos from the Charles H. McCaghy Collection of Exotic Dance from Burlesque to Clubs. The McCaghy Collection spans the mid-nineteenth century to the present day, and explores early burlesque\vaudeville to modern strip clubs and the neo-burlesque movement. The collections includes: information on burlesque clubs and venues in various cities; photos, press clippings, promotional materials, and miscellaneous items related to over 1500 different strippers and burlesque performers, including Lydia Thompson, Gypsy Rose Lee, Sherry Britton, Ann Corio, Sally Rand, Georgia Sothern, Patti Waggin, Dixie Evans, Evelyn West, Blaze Starr, Tempest Storm, and Dita Von Teese; tobacco cards, cabinet cards, arcade cards, and the complete series of Burlesque Historical Co. postcards depicting burlesque performers; materials chronicling the lives and careers of individual burlesque stars Lili St. Cyr, Norma Venters, and Rose La Rose, including photos (both promotional and personal), advertising materials, business records, and scrapbooks; Dr. McCaghy’s extensive research files, as well as accounts of the strip club interviews he conducted with Dr. James Skipper; stills from burlesque-related films; audio recordings of striptease music and instruction; assorted promotional materials, including posters and lobby cards advertising striptease acts, burlesque shows, and films; and burlesque- and striptease-related periodicals. The collection also includes over 150 striptease-related books, more than 220 video recordings, and numerous miscellaneous materials, including comic books, sheet music, trading cards, toys and other novelty items, information about carnival performance and oriental dance, and the personal scrapbook of Robert and Vanessa Cartwright, a Toledo couple who followed burlesque in their area and formed friendships with many performers, and strip-tease costume designs.
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