Miller Fifer *updated*
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A longer term restoration of a 1960s Miller Fifer. A type of motor-sailer, based on the hull of a North Sea fishing boat. Built by Millers of St Monance, in Fife. (Near Anstruther)

There are several more images of past work to upload, and this set needs ordering (done that, but I might do it again in another way). Having had a decent search, I hope that I have found most of the missing images. I know that there are a few more of the "before" images to upload, but they may be pre-digital.

Please check back, as the work on this refit is still on-going. Currently some work is being done within the cockpit and engine space, also finishing off the work in the wheelhouse and continuing the preparation for re-caulking the hull.
Some work has also been started in the fore-cabin.

Note: All valuables are removed to secure storage overnight.
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