Closeup of groom with golden earrings

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    I'm told that these earrings denote he was a whaler and that he had sailed around the world twice--one earring for each trip. In researching further, I read that it was the custom for sailors who had sailed the China Seas.

    "Men's earrings are nothing new, old salts will tell you. Even before the days of pirates, mariners who had sailed the China seas or had done any Asiatic duty took to wearing earrings as a mark of their service in the Orient. It was the campaign ribbon of its day.

    The modern gob, after he has sailed in Asiatic waters, gets his ears pierced and a ring inserted, then goes to a tattoo parlor and has various Chinese legends etched on the shank of his left leg.

    But not all men who wear earrings are veterans of Asiatic sea service. The custom has been adopted by many who have sailed in the Central, South, or Southwest Pacific without entering the waters of the China Sea ." --Hal J. Kanter

    From: The Saturday Evening Post, December 8, 1945, page 119

    And this from Wikipedia: "Nevertheless, a small male following continued to exist, particularly among sailors, for whom a pierced earlobe often meant that the wearer had sailed around the world or had crossed the equator.[1] In addition, if a non-service member sailor was involved in and survived a sinking ship, they were often seen wearing an earring in the left ear. There was also a long-held belief that puncturing the earlobe was beneficial to increasing the acuity of eyesight (see acupuncture) or of hearing[citation needed]. Also, it was a common belief amongst sailors that if their ship wrecked and their bodies washed up on a shoreline, the person to find them would take the earring as payment for a proper burial. This practice predates Christianity, albeit later adapted to "a proper christian burial", and dates to ancient Greece where the gold paid the ferryman (Charon) to provide passage across the river Acheron into the realm of Hades, since a sailor might lose his coins when washed overboard at sea. It is because of this belief that many sailors invested quite a bit of money on gold earrings, as they were very superstitious."

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    1. Wooway1 55 months ago | reply

      Among 19th century American sailors, the earrings were sometimes worn to denote sailing around the horn of Africa and the horn of South America. Two earrings meaning the sailor had sailed around both.

    2. krugerin50 52 months ago | reply

      Interesting history, thanks for sharing.

    3. w.wulff2011 [deleted] 50 months ago | reply

      Thank YOU for the information - I will share with others I know ... again, thanks.

    4. g.lewis67 44 months ago | reply

      They both look so elegant, and the groom looks so manly with his handsome golden earrings. I have found this photo to be really quite moving. Thank you for sharing it with us. G C Lewis

    5. Rewolf 37 months ago | reply

      Wish i had this page in the 80s when a lot of my guy friends got beat up for their affected earrings

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