Panda and Thea-Purl
Our two little rescues.

Panda, the older dog, with one eye patch and one black ear, was born in December of 2000. We adopted her in California. We know her mother was a Border Collie and her siblings all look like the unneutered cattle dog in the neighborhood but there was also a loose border collie so she could be all BC. No one knows. Either way, she's sweet and loving smart as all get-up.

Thea is the younger dog, definitely a cattle dog/border collie mix though the amount of each is in dispute. She was born in February 2007 and we adopted her from an Oregon rescue. She was only 12 weeks old when we got her and she put me through my paces but she's such a goodwill ambassador to all living things that I can't help but love her.
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