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still searching for the broad side

52 week self-portrait (10/52)


I’m cheating a little because I’ve just conceded two weeks of selfie into one weekend. You guys aren't going to tell on me, are you? I kind of liked this most because of the random spot of light on my elbow, and the vertical crack of light that leads to my head. I was tempted to Ps the white elbow out, but then I realized how incredibly anal that would be, so I didn‘t! Haha!


Happy daylight savings-shortened Sunday (for those who are subject to such things). Make it a great one!


Sunday’s music sampling.. Retro & electronic & 90’s ish & awesomeness:


♫ ♪ ~~ The Wombats -- 1996 ~~ ♪♫ (opens in new window)

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Taken on March 10, 2012