Powerpack Adventure Movie Club
This is our silent powersystem as used with www.adventuremovieclub.be
We use it for mobile cinema, concerts, parties etc..
Custom made and fitted into an old army aluminium box that perfectly fits a Larry Vs Harry Bullitt Cargobike. It generates about 400W continously for 4 hours. 1600VA
It costed us approx. 2000€ to make.

*Bundeswehr Zarges 60x40x50
*Victron Energy Multi 12V/800Va inverter 35Ah charger
*Victron Energy Battery Monitor BMV-600
*2 X Li-ion Battery 12Vdc 90Ah (Brand: Thunder Sky?) - weight 16,2kg per battery-
Gel-batteries can be used they are half the price but weigh double
*8 X secondhand differential switches, one for for every poweroutlet. Only one appliance should be used per outlet to be completely safe because there is no grounding!

Charging: max 4h
Discharging: go no lower than 30%
Loading Cycles 1000

Max 700 W continous
Max 1600 W peak

More pixs: www.flickr.com/photos/60782207@N08/sets/72157632733816669/
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