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The Harman PC 45 is first and foremost a state-of-the-art corn burning stove. The engine is specifically designed for burning corn. If the customer desires, a different burn pot that is designed for burning pellets can be installed without tools. The stove is designed to have the longest between-cleaning interval in the industry. While other corn stoves plug, clog, or go out in a matter of hours or at best days, the PC 45 is capable of burning for one to two weeks, depending on the corn’s moisture content and physical properties. In real-world testing, the PC 45 burned more than 50 days without attention beyond emptying the ashes. The PC 45 is the first practical auto-ignition corn stove available. The igniter is designed to light corn in less than five minutes. Harman’s automatic temperature control eliminates “hot/cold” cycles. The real advantage of this system is efficiency: by eliminating the 3 degree “overshooting” of a set temperature, fuel is not wasted by making the room warmer than desired. If corn is the right fuel for you, Harman has the stove, the PC 45.

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Taken on February 3, 2006