the CyberCity in action

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Pictures alone do not do this display justice, so I did my best here and still didn't cover everything.

This was a collaborative display presented at the Bricks by the Bay 2011 Lego convention held in Santa Clara on March 27th. Members from RoninLUG, PCHLUG, and elsewhere (at least 14 builders all together, and from as far off as Europe) combined forces for this cyberpunk near future alien ghetto city diorama. Minds were blown, faces were melted, trophies were won (Best Space Structure, Best in Show, and Public Choice).

List of contributors:
Andrew Lee – onosendai2600
Fradel Gonzales – Slice151
Brian Heins
Brandon Griffith – icgetaway
Paul Meissner – Legosamurai
Paul Lee – polywen
Chase Lewis – [Vid]
Tory B
Dane Erland – Lord Dane
Cole Martin – zeehelmut
Cole Blaq - Cole Bl♠q
Keith Goldman – Hook Monkey
Jeff Cross – Octopunk
Tommy Williamson - GeekyTom
me! - Don Solo
Jack Marquez - Ewok in Disguise

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  1. I Scream Clone 49 months ago | reply

    Well put together, not much was left out then Don! A beauty.

  2. Stefan Schindler 49 months ago | reply

    An insane Sci-Fi layout, mixed with a tune by the amazing Chemical Brothers.
    Perfect. F*cking perfect!

  3. Collin Harvey 49 months ago | reply

    Excellent video, Don. This is just amazing.

  4. Puriri deVry 49 months ago | reply

    Pretty awesome. I notice that the track bends an awful lot on some of those slopes though.

  5. M.R. Yoder 49 months ago | reply

    Best. Cyberpunk. Evar! And not likely to be equalled in a generation of LEGO MOCers.

  6. peterlmorris 49 months ago | reply

    Yeah I don't know how this could ever be topped or even equalled. The build itself is one thing, but the lights on top of it and the sound, too?!? I mean, holy crap. That is phenomenal. I wish I'd been able to see it in person, too. That is just phenomenal!

  7. brickmodder 49 months ago | reply

    I love The Chemical Brothers, although, I love TCM best! I wish I had known about this collaboration. I would have gone all out!

  8. wunztwice 49 months ago | reply

    "Wow!" is just about all that can escape my brain. Impressive all around!

  9. onosendai2600 49 months ago | reply

    I think Donny deserves a trophy for just properly documenting this thing.
    EPIC is not a strong enough word.

  10. Rick_3691 49 months ago | reply

    This is the greatest LEGO thing I've ever seen.

  11. Eric Erland 49 months ago | reply

    Another great year at Bricks by the Bay. Dane had a great time and I always enjoy seeing you all again. Definitely Cyber City was the best and rightfully acknowledged by all.

  12. Joel.Baker 49 months ago | reply

    Right with you; If this were to happen again next year, I would go contribute as well.

    Thanks for documenting it Don

  13. \V/_ 49 months ago | reply

    i see that kid doesnt understand your not supposed to touch the displays.

    this thing needs to tour around all the different lego stores.
    it has to be seen in person to absorb all the awesome details.
    it really is one of the best. congrats to all those who worked on this.
    its an honor to have my pic next to this in the pool.

  14. Brian Heins 49 months ago | reply

    {Legohaulic} I'm going with the insanity plea.

    {x_scar_x} Yeah... about that touring thing. Y'know how zen sand painting gets blown away by the wind? Go with that!

    On behalf of RoninLUG and friends, Thank you all so much for the support and accolades. Part of the "EPIC amazingness" is that it all came together so haphazardly and quickly. And Fradel's local boys were like LEGO rock stars filling in so much depth of activity, helping me rewire and decorate while I dealt with tech issues. I fully expect to look at pictures or video of this next year and see something happening that I didn't notice. I wish I had trophies for Don for documentation, for Cole who got most of it to the show in relatively few pieces, and for Tommy who had to miss out on the live event but contributed so much in video.

  15. NIRDIAN 49 months ago | reply

    This thing is just so amazing... I wish I could've seen it IRL. :/

    Anyway, awesome work from everyone. Nice music too (what song is that btw?).

  16. onosendai2600 49 months ago | reply

    ^Believe by the Chemical Brothers
    Also nice work on that credit block in the last frame Donny. You rock.

  17. gambort 49 months ago | reply

    Hey Don,

    Don't suppose you want to email me your marked up list of builders? Would make my life waaaay easier.


  18. [Shunazaver] 49 months ago | reply

    I saw this at bricks by the bay, and I was shocked at how well it was put together!

  19. Morgan190 49 months ago | reply

    Pretty damn amazing...

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