• Imagine 23 others to go with it to be temporally accurate as my birthday cake...
  • Photoshoped lie! - Gabbey Road J-Walker
  • Your FACE is a lie! The only photo-
    shopping done in this pic was to remove a few stray cat hairs on my table.
  • those pet hairs are so annoying... especially when my best building surface is the floor. - JimmytheJ

Best. Cake. Ever.

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Nicole baked me this for my birthday, from scratch, and it was so very tasty.

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  1. -Tayasuune- 76 months ago | reply

    This was a triumph...

  2. rabbit_mage 76 months ago | reply

    I'm making a note here-HUGE SUCCESS.

  3. no_onions 76 months ago | reply

    that is a nice shot man. again, happy birfday

  4. floyka 76 months ago | reply

    The cake looks really tasty, but this is a great photo of it!

  5. *RichardAM [deleted] 76 months ago | reply

    Was promised grief counselling given too or just cake?

    Happy bday mate btw!

  6. JoeMI6 76 months ago | reply

    Anyway, this cake is great. It's so delicious and moist.

  7. нawк 76 months ago | reply

    Would make a Portal joke, but everyone seems to have beaten that dead horse into the ground.

  8. Lord T 76 months ago | reply

    How does it taste?

  9. Ѕolo 76 months ago | reply

    It tasted chocolaty and delicious. If I hadn't been late for work I'd of eaten another piece for breakfast!

  10. Lord T 76 months ago | reply

    I could use some now you've said that.

  11. vissago 73 months ago | reply

    I used your cake to make a photoshop.

    Dont ask. Sally_monster would get it, but only cuz she puts up with me :D

  12. Walkersfoto 73 months ago | reply

    looks nice ! <3

  13. p4r4n01d 63 months ago | reply

    "Anyway, this cake is great,
    it's so delicious and moist.
    Look at me still cooking when there's science to do"
    Oh, yeah CAKE!!!1!

  14. Johŋ 61 months ago | reply

    It... it can't be true! After all this time... the cake is real! The cake LIVES! Hoorah! * jumps out of window *

  15. ChibiHao~ 59 months ago | reply

    Oh Shi- ... The cake is not a lie :o!

  16. NIRDIAN 58 months ago | reply

    CAKE!!! :D

    So... GlaDOS wasn't lying... hmm...

  17. darkstarryskies 48 months ago | reply

    so the cake wasn't a lie after all..

  18. FrodoBabbs 46 months ago | reply

    I used your image here. Thanks for making available via Creative Commons.


  19. Rah-they 42 months ago | reply

    Win. Just... win.

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