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How To 2: Getting Wine Glass Shape | by mjkzz (a.k.a zwdeal)
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How To 2: Getting Wine Glass Shape

These pictures show how to get wine glass shaped collision.


1. Set # of drops to 1 on channel R (or any other channel)


2. Follow instruction in HowTo 1 to find FD value when drop just hit the catching surface.


3. Adjust S1 to a moderate value so that the worthington jet it forms is very thick, but usually very short -- the first subpicture in above picture. No need to take a picture with camera, just use your eyes (I have a 40W bulb on in my "studio") A hint: the larger the drop size, the taller and thinner worthington jet can be until certain point (this will be explored in HowTo 3, stay tuned)


4. Adjust FD value until you capture the peak of the worthington jet. Keep in mind, adjust both S1 and FD so that the worthington jet is very thick and peaking. Record the FD value.


5. Set # of drops to 2.


6. Set S2 about 10 - 15% bigger than S1.


7. Use the guaranteed collision formula to calculate D1 based on FD difference and S2.


8, Try a few shot while adjusting FD and/or D1, you will get the "wine glass" shape collision.


9. Setting S2 larger will probably result "double" chin wine glass shape, but I will leave it to you to experiment. If you have three valve kit, you can try this on all channels . . . hmmm, I did not try, but you can :-)

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Taken on April 21, 2014