Defending the Whistleblowers
The recent Australian Federal Police raids on the ABC and a senior News Corp journalist have highlighted the grave threat to public interest journalism posed by the clandestine reach of new national security surveillance powers. Laws enacted by the Coalition Government, with Labor Party support, are undermining the ability of journalists to expose corruption and misconduct - and the vital role of courageous whistleblowers in exposing such scandals.

In June 2019 MPC hosted an important forum with three people at the heart of the unfolding national debate:

Richard Boyle, a former Australian Taxation Office staffer facing 161 years in prison on charges relating to the exposure of systemic abuses of power within the ATO.

Senator Rex Patrick, a key crossbencher in the new Senate. Patrick has accused the government of trying to muzzle whistleblowers and demands greater legal protection for journalists and their sources.

Adele Ferguson, a leading business journalist. Ferguson broke the ATO story and whose reporting on misconduct in the banking sector helped trigger the Hayne Royal Commission.

The forum was moderated by ABC News Breakfast presenter Michael Rowland.
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