Fake News Fightback with Tonya Mosley & Aaron Glantz
President Donald Trump’s obsession with “fake news” has America a-twitter with distrust for the fourth
estate. But it’s also a boon for investigative journalists. Activists are agitating, minorities are calling to have
their voices heard and the Black Lives Matter movement is picking up steam.

To discuss it all we welcomed two talented American reporters. Tonya Mosley is public radio station KQED’s
senior Silicon Valley reporter. She won an Emmy in 2016 for her televised piece “Beyond Ferguson”, and
has built a curriculum for journalists to address implicit bias. Emmy-nominated investigative reporter and
author Aaron Glantz has turned his attention to Trump after years covering the war in Iraq and the lives of
returned veterans. Beyond the big questions such as whether the election was fixed, he’s been following the
paper trail on Trump associates.

At this special event - jointly hosted by the Walkley Foundation and the Melbourne Press Club in August 2017 - Mosley and Glantz discussed the challenges for the United States and its media, and how newsrooms can work smarter, dig deeper and rebuild trust in great journalism.
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