The Great Thrall of China
How our media is covering the story of the decade

China’s growing political, economic and cultural influence in Australia is big news. And now the role of the Australian media in exposing alleged Chinese political meddling is drawing a backlash – in Canberra and Beijing. Is the coverage of China in Australia unfair, unbalanced and tinged with xenophobia? Or are our journalists doing their proper job in exposing a growing challenge to our sovereignty and national interests?

The MPC hosted an informative and lively forum on 25 July 2018 with four expert panelists:

Chris Uhlmann, political editor of National Nine News in Canberra
Richard McGregor, senior fellow with the Lowy Instutute and former Financial Times bureau chief in Beijing and Washington
Louisa Lim, senior lecturer at Melbourne University and former BBC and NPR Beijing correspondent
Nick McKenzie, senior investigative journalist at The Age
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