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MAP71112_37 Kingfisher Chatter [Explore]

Juvenile Belted Kingfisher (female), Ceryle alcyon, chatters away on its lichen-covered perch over the water hoping to get the adult nearby to fetch it more fish! The loud rattling cry is very distinctive. Kingfishers are experts at diving for fish and this juvenile can likely catch fish for itself by now. The adults will often assist for a few days after fledgling but then the youngsters, much to their dismay, have to fend for themselves. Taken on a very hot, muggy fourth of July 2012 on Star Lake, Boulder Junction area in Wisconsin. (Best viewed large.)

[Also on Fluidr / Explored #420 for July 15, 2012—Thank you!] Special thanks to those who have taken time to comment on this image, I really appreciate it!

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Taken on July 4, 2012