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Who's your Dream Boy?

Okay for Valentine's Day (I wish you all a happy one!) I've decided to come up with a little game/quiz for you people. n___n

Wanted to do something different. XD

It's pretty simply, just pick one of the options from each question below and type them in your comment. Example (of how to type your answer out):


2- b)

3- c)

(or another way, just make sure that I can tell what your answer is. XD)


After that I'll reply to you with the answer for who your "dream boy" is for this Valentine's Day. Please answer them honestly and have fun! :D


1. What do you look for in a guy?

a) that he's cute

b) that he's kind

c) that he's comforting

d) that he's funny

e) that he's a total hunk


2. How would you describe yourself?

a) shy

b) curious

c) calm

d) impatient


3. What do you like to do in your free time?

a) laze around

b) play/listen to music

c) day dream

d) free time? You're kidding me


4. What type of music do you like?

a) alternative

b) pop

c) rock

d) classical

e) other


5. What's your favourite food?

a) pasta

b) Uhh...I don't eat much

c) I'll eat anything

d) it better be sweet

e) other


6. Where would you like to go on your first date?

a) to a fancy restaurant

b) somewhere where no one can find us

c) to a movie

d) a walk a long the beach

e) I just want to be with him


7. How would you like him to pick you up for your date?

a) he drives in with his cool car

b) he picks me up in his arms

c) he brings a bicycle built for two

d) he comes in a full on carriage, horse and all


8. The night is over he gives you...

a) a kiss on the cheek

b) a card

c) a locket

d) a small toy


9. When he's with you, you...

a) hide your face cause you can't stop blushing

b) think, "Oh crap I hope I look good"

c) smile

d) wait for him to say something


10. Who do you hope to get? (you may or may not get who you want)

a) Jamie

b) Grell

c) Sebastian

d) Ciel


Hope you all had fun with that little game/quiz! XD

I'm sorry I know some of them are REALLY corny! XDDD

Happy Valentine's Day! <3



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