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Jackson Hetue, Staff, Wisconsin Fast Plants Program, Dept. of Plant Pathology


Canon DSLR w/ intervalometer for time-lapse control


Germinating Seedlings: Our program works to build open education resources that support conceptual understanding through science teaching, learning, and research, using Wisconsin Fast Plants as a model organism. This video shows seeds germinating on moistened paper towel with a small amount of soil, inside a vertically oriented Petri plate. The animation was produced from three days of time-lapse photography, and it begins moments after the seeds were positioned on the plate. This video allows observation of the stages of seed germination, from seed imbibing of water, to cracking of the seed coat, to emergence of the root radicle, to emergence of the seed-stem and leaves (hypocotyl and cotyledons). The video also allows visualization of the phenomenon of circular, wobbling plant "movement" known as nutation. The nutation behavior is not fully understood, but may function to secure the stability of a plant as it grows and elongates.

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Uploaded on March 8, 2015