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Major water/power repairs 10/10/14 | by rikkis_refuge
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Major water/power repairs 10/10/14

Took a lot of finagling, pushing, shoving and coordinated effort to get it all in there ....


This is the third and the FINAL time we're gonna have to dig this ditch and fix this. At first it was an overhead connection to take water and power to the quarantine building .... that failed quite rapidly .... so a ditch was dug ... it's very hard ground here. Having to use the materials we had laying around, line and pipe was run .... broken pipes, nicked lines with shorts .... it was dug up and repaired with more junk laying around ... never enough money to go buy what we need and do it right .... well the water started leaking underground again and the line had been patched oh so many times .... this time, we've charged up a huge bill and done it right. Run everything in conduit and then in a big pipe, all in long sections, not old pieces that were already brittle from prior use ...... I have no idea how we're going to pay for the $627.48 this cost ...... but I truly believe this will be the last time we dig this ditch and do this job !!!!! If you're thankful that we should have consistent water and power in the quarantine room where our new residents spend their first two weeks, and where our washing machine and dryer are and mount dishmore is stacked and washed in a huge tub every day ...... please help us our with a buck or 2 !!!

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Uploaded on October 11, 2014