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You and I'll be Safe and Sound | by Ellwantstoholdyourhand<3
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You and I'll be Safe and Sound

Just close your eyes, the sun is going down. You’ll be alright, no one can hurt you now. Come morning light, you and I’ll be safe and sound.


This is my eighth Songspiration: Safe and Sound- Taylor Swift.


Yes. I’m playing catch-up. I have pictures/ideas for most of the ones I missed though.


Other Songpirations here.


So this was taken on April 12th. I’msoashamed. While I was taking this, I got some type of allergic reaction or attacked by bugs and I red hives ALL over along with huge scratches. Boo. It was painful.


ON THE OTHER HAND, Friday was super duper great. I went thrifting then headed over to Dee’s to help her with her photography homework. Her dad didn’t want to take us to this location we wanted to go to but luckily her brother’s girlfriend was willing to take us. So we got to this location and realized all of the flowers had been mowed and decided to just adventure down this dock. At the other side was this lovely field and kjsldhflksj just a beautiful location. Yes. We’re going back. So we took pictures and had fun and such (like trying to climb trees). Then we left. And we decided to adventure some more down a dirt road. This involved us getting the car stuck and we had to push it out, which didn’t work, and then we reversed all the way down. So. Yes. Fun. Then to not draw attention to the fact that we were dirty and wet, we jumped into the pool fully-clothed. And it was a fabulous day.


Flowers. DeeandIarematching. :3


I’m doing a tag because I haven’t done any in forever and I want to do some.


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10 Random facts:

1.) I’ve been mentally exhausted/sick for weeks now.

2.) I found $20 while exploring.

3.) I went thrifting the other day.

4.) I really want to enter some photography contests. Any ideas?

5.) I have new babies.

6.) School sucks.

7.) What’s with all this work?

8.) I’ve taken a ton a pictures but I haven’t had the motivation to edit.

9.) My hands are covered in dry paint.

10.) My birthday’s coming soon. Lawl. Jaykay. I wish.


Time: 3:33 pm

Doing: Watching t.v.

Eating: I wish.

Drinking: Nothing.

Wearing: Shorts and a shirt.

Listening to: The t.v….

Thinking: Nothing

Craving: Summmmmmmmmmmmmmmer.

With: No one.


Favourite colour: Blue.

Describe the background picture that’s on your phone: A baby white tiger rawring. It’ssocutes.

Last movie I watched: Alvin and the Chipmunks last night a 4 in the morning. Oh yes.

If I were an animal I would you be: A white tiger.

What is your favourite tv show? How long have you been watching it?: Hmmm. I love too many.

Are you allergic to anything?: Not that I know of.

Your Dream Vacation?: Hm. Many things but the one that comes to mind is a road trip. To South Carolina. ;D

What is your favourite photo you have taken: Probably this.

What is your favourite animal?: A WHITE TIGER. XD

What is your favourite feature about yourself?: Everything. I’m just so amazing. I keed. Probably my hair.



Your last dream:

That I remember? Uhm. I’m too tired to try to recall anything. NO WAIT. My teacher (one that I really hate) wouldn’t give me a bandaid. And I was bleeding like crazy and I was just like, “CAN I HAS A BAND-AID?” and he said, “No, I’m saving them for my kids.” And I was like “-___________-”… Oh wait. THAT WAS REAL LIFE.

Your strangest dream:

Harry Potter was running around inside of my brain casting spells and doing other whatnot that wizards do. And it was incredibly painful. So a little me appeared and took his wand away and the little me said, “You stupid Gryffindor, get your self together and get out.” He didn’t listen and he pulled out another wand and proceeded to jump around inside of my head for hours. I woke up with a major headache.

Your funniest dream:

My lyfe.


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Taken on April 12, 2012