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The Giving Away of Prints [CLOSED]

Hello my lovelies <3 So I reached 10,000+ views on my photostream and 500+ contacts while I was sleeping, so you know what that means!!!! PRINT GIVEAWAY (as promised on September 17th)!!!! I know it doesn’t seem like a lot in comparison to some other people but it is a lot to me! I never thought I would reach both at the same time, but I did, and it means so much to me. I want to thank everyone for the support and every view, comment, favorite, note, and motivation. This happened to fall around the holiday season so I guess that’s nice too.


On a side note, this is film BUT I had to edit it because it was the ONLY print on the roll of film that came out a bit bright and unreadable. So I had to clone the color of the words back in and darken the black and essentially redraw some of the zentangle. I hope this doesn’t look terrible though! I wish you could see the real paper!!! I think it’s pretty amazing and I spent an entire weekend doing it a few months ago because I have no life.


So here are the rules (Please read them all):

1. I would prefer if I were your contact but I won’t be picky. (But those who are my contact and win will get a special letter from me, you know, if you want it.)

2. Pick 2 pictures from my stream and put the links in brackets ([ ]) and tell me why you chose them. I don’t know how many winners I will pick (depends on how many enter) but I figured there would be more winners if you chose 2 instead of 3.

3. I would love it if you wrote what you liked about me as a photographer and asked a few questions about anything so the video of choosing the winners won’t be so boring. So please, please, please do so!!

4. I’m pretty sure you can be international and such.

5. If you don’t win and you would like to do an exchange with me, also mention that in the comment. I don’t want to sound snobby but I will be selective with those I choose to do an exchange with but I will also be pretty flexible so let me know!

6. This will be open until the last day of the year (maybe a bit longer) so it will be a late holiday/have a good year/thank you so much present.

7. And feel free to change your choices if you like something better that I upload later.




Oh and some people that I owe prints and such for exchanges, I have them and I will be sending them out as soon as I can!


You guys are the best!! And I hope people will actually enter. I just added a bunch of random people so don't mind me. And I'll probably re-upload this a few times so everyone will see. Again, don't mind me.


P.S. Tilt your screen back if this looks terrible.

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Taken on December 11, 2011