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Fly With The Birds

Sometimes I wish I could fly with the birds.


This was taken on this day, August 9th. I hope this picture gets as much support as the other one but probably not. It took me a while to edit this. I have five different versions (Ask Dee) but she said this one was the best and I trust her ;D And is it too soon for another beach picture...?


So, I was thinking print giveaway or exchange…?


But I would have to reach a goal for myself:

10,000 views on my photostream.

500 people who call me a contact.

A total of 15 pictures I am incredibly proud of.


Whichever comes first, I guess.


-takes poll of people who wants a print giveaway- No, no, no, no. Okay thanks for the opinions. I know I don’t have many pictures that people want, either…


Press ‘L’


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3 thing you miss the most right now:

1. My friends.

2. Having friends.

3. Our times together.


Three things you are wearing right now


Well it’s super early in the morning but:

1. My purple short type pajama shorts….(that didn’t make sense)

2. An orange 5th grade grad shirt from years ago that still fits me XD

3. My hair.


Three things you want very badly at this moment

1. To communicate with someone that isn’t really doing the same with me and I don’t know why.

2. To communicate with my U.C.T –heart- ^^ (I know what I’m talking about.)

3. To be talked too!


Two things you did yesterday

1. I went to my very first football game, breaking my vow of never going to one. I’m tainted. But apparently I am much more popular than I thought because one too many guys talked to me whenever I passed by and half of the time I was like, “Sorry, I don’t know your name..” But I had a great time with Krista –heart- even though I hated all other human interaction…

2. Watched Ellen, I LOVE HER!


*Kind of weather: The kind where I can wear shorts (in dress code) and cute tops without sweating.

*Color: Blue but I think black defines me too…

*Fruit: Strawberries.

*Sound: Rain and music.

*Food: Pasta.

*Place: The beach.

*Taste: Chocolate.

*Smell: Vanilla.

*Object: My cameras!

*Song: I’ll put the one I’m listening too right now: When I’m Gone- A Rocket To The Moon

*Shoes: That’s cute, me and my mother, who have the same shoe size, have over 130 shoes…

*Movie: The Proposal, The Pink Panther, -insert many comedies here-

*Drink: Motts for Tots mixed berry juice.


5 things I love about flickr:

1. Meeting amazing people like Gina <3 And thanks so much for the incredibly nice thing you said in your tag. What would I do without you?

2. The photography, duh.

3. The inspiration and support.

4. The smile it gives me!

5. Notes! I love them!


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Taken on September 17, 2011