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So this is Dee the extraordinaire;D

She did the "editing".....(Rotating the picture)

Press 'L'

Besides that, SOOC


Okay so I have been tagged in this whole thing like a ton of times by deeisstillintheclouds,, Chloe Hague, hiding in shadows, and Samantha Tatro. They're all different stuff so I'm just gonna do some facts and a couple questions asked.


What are you afraid of?

Glass floors terrify me.


Three of your favorite movies.

Killers, The Proposal, Pink Panther.


1. I find a song that I like then listen to all the other songs on the album, which are better.

2. When summer starts me and Dee are gonna do amazing things like this^^

3. I'm hysterical. Just saying.

4. I dunno what I wanna be when I grow up, but I love doing things like photography and writing and art.

5. I'm obsessed with bows and hair accessories and rings<3

6. I REEEAAALLY need Dee (as mentioned above) to send me the pictures we took today;D

When I tag you just do whatever amount you want:3

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Taken on May 29, 2011