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This is Chicago

This is a 21-image panorama from the top of the John Hancock Tower in Chicago. As such, it is worth looking at in the larger size.


I was desperately trying to find an open-air space in a skyscraper to shoot a large panorama, but I had to settle for shooting through glass. Apparently, open-air spaces are a thing of the past, and although I'm afraid of heights, this is a bit of a bummer for rooftop photography! After scoping out my options, I found a nook where I could be out of the way but also set up my tripod and photograph for a long period of time. A fellow photographer even helped block some of the interior reflections on the glass -thanks Mark!


This panorama took over 6 minutes to complete, and the light was changing rapidly. There are 2 layers, 11 on top, and 10 on the bottom. I opted to keep the upper area at 15 seconds, and the lower area at 20 seconds, and then slightly adjusted each RAW image to accommodate for the changing light.


Canon 5D Mark II

Canon 24-105L @105mm

21, 15-20 second exposures @ F11

CP filter

RSS Pano Bar

ISO 50

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Taken on July 10, 2011