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Mossbrae Left: Dunsmuir, California

It is a large pano, and best viewed at the larger size.


On the upper reaches of the Sacramento River, just below Mt. Shasta, lies Mossbrae Falls. I've been wanting to check this spot out for a long time now, and I finally had a chance to go.


I headed out, and drove 3+ hrs to get there, checked into my motel room, and drove smack-dab into the natural gas pipe sticking out of the ground in front of my double-wide "motel" room. Just like that. Hissing gas was rapidly filling the air and people began to gather and panic at the same time. A dude walked up with a lit cigarette. Someone yelled that the gas for the whole area was going out that hole. Utter chaos, I tell ya. I drove back to the motel office with a sense of urgency...


I calmly but quickly notified the manager that I was terribly sorry, but had broken a gas line. He immediately drove up to assess the situation. Meanwhile, just a few hundred yards away, Janis Joplin's old band (Big Brother and the Holding Company) was playing a live benefit concert. Everything was happening at once. I walked up to see what I could do to help.


I arrived at the scene and saw the motel manager with his finger jammed (bleeding) into the broken gas pipe, and a semi-intoxicated trailer park dude helping him attempt to shut off the corroded valve. From here, we could hear the concert well; classic electric rock resonating through the forest. After a wine cork, a rock, a knife and a moment of teamwork, the leak was stopped temporarily. I asked the manager if there was anything I could do to help out, and he mentioned that he needed someone to watch over the office while he repaired the pipe. I said "okay".


So there I sat, for what seemed to be an endless amount of time, in the motel office, with the manager's dog. I was answering the phone, giving people room keys, and calling the manager whenever something needed to actually get done! Hours later, the leak was fixed, and all was calm. A motel manager, I am not.


I exited the office, drove down to the railroad tracks, and literally ran to Mossbrae falls, about 1.25 miles up the classic "Stand By Me" looking train tracks. Some punk kids had a fire going right there at the falls, making smoke loft in the river canyon. They kept hitting trees with sticks, and running into my comps and tossing hot dogs and sticks into the river. At that point, I was thinking "Are you kidding me? Really?"


So I kept shooting all evening and into dark, then woke up the next moring at 5am for another shoot. I focused on panoramas mostly. The falls were amazing, and I ended up with some stuff I really like. This shot is just left of the main falls, as I liked the composition with all the rocks in the foreground.


Thanks for stopping by!


Canon 5D Mark II

Canon 24-105L @32mm

5 vertical exposures stitched together

4 seconds (each exposure) @ F16

B+W CP Filter

ISO 50

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Taken on September 15, 2010